About Me

Tracing my artistic life back to childhood, I realise now that my earliest memories are of the fields and woodlands, river and skies around Cookham, Berkshire, where I grew up.

I trained as a painter at Camberwell under the rigorous tuition of Euan Uglow, but laced with the vibrant and passionate approach of Frank Auerbach, and Kitaj.  After a year of teaching in Cameroon, West Africa, my career in England culminated in a job as Head of Art at St. Albans High School for Girls.

I moved to Bedford in 2011 and continue to paint and print.  My most successful work has been when a synthesis of information and feeling are expressed spontaneously.  Etching provides the considered detail of line that can be so satisfying, but monoprint and collagraph allow the expression of mood in colour and texture.  I find the most direct expression in oil painting, with no process to interfere with the ideas.

I often pursue the same image in different mediums, hoping to analyse further my response to the experience.  I have been making art for a long time but each new piece feels like a new beginning- maybe this time I will catch the elusive thread of our existence.

Contact Jo –
01234 353868